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Refugee Crossing
Urban Intervention

Refugee Crossing explores how data visualisation can be exhibited in urban spaces to raise awareness about the crisis. The project involved study of literature & theory of data visualisation and history of public places—through investigation into the relationship between information, space and people. Strategic locations were identified through ethnographic observations.

The final outcome consists of visualisation exhibited on the pedestrian crossing bringing forth the experience of crossing for the asylum seekers where they explore the unknown.

This work was undertaken as the Professional Research Project for the Masters of Communication Design program at RMIT.

Some of the works studied for the project included The Watermarks Project by Chris Bodle, Tidy Street project by Jon Bird and Yvonne Rogers, Colourful Crossing by Camille Walala and Crossing Story, Southwark London. Urban interventions like Arc de Triomphe, Paris covered in yellow paint by Greenpeace, Taylor Square in Sydney painted in rainbow colours and Ai Weiwei's installation where he covered the Berlin landmark in 14,000 refugee life jackets.

Refugee Crossing prototype for Federation Square