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Outrage! The social justice papers

Inspired by the call to action put forward by Stéphane Hessel, and his rally against complacency and indifference, RMIT social work launched an annual lecture series in 2013 under the title Outrage! A collection of essays on forced migration, inequality, equal opportunity, child welfare and aboriginal children, the environment, homelessness and diversity of lived experience.

Edited by Charlotte Williams OBE and featuring contributions by Jenny Smith, Paris Aristotle AO, Catherine McDonald, Mark Feigan, Christine Craik, Kate Jenkins, John Falzon, Sonia Martin, Muriel Bamblett AO, Alex Bhatal, Melissa Laing, Guy Johnson, Juliet Watson, Ro Allen, Julie Dempsey, Jasmine and Nina.

Printing: Digital
Binding: Perfect bound
Dimensions: 216 x 140mm
Pages: 220pp + 4pp cover + 8pp dust jacket
Paper: Envirocare, Kaskad, Grange Board
Edition: 150