I'm a communication designer based in Melbourne, with an interest in editorial design, data visualisation, urban interventions and public art.

my parents met at the fish market — catalogue of Jason Phu's solo exhibition at West Space

Up — a publication showcasing a collection of photographs of rare moments

Codes on urban sidewalks: Swanston Street — specimen of things

Libretto — publication designed to capture the essence of music through typographical layout

Lost Words — A 20p zine on lost and found words

Ribbit-Ribbit — Risograph printed zine on frog calls.

Pulse — an anthology designed for Bowen Street Press, RMIT

Refugee Crossing — Research project on how data visualisation can be exhibited in urban spaces to raise awareness about the refugee crisis

Do not buy — an on-going social intervention project

Drones & Design — Website design and coding

Languages of Melbourne — Data visualisation showing the top ten languages spoken in the city by postcode

Infographics — visualisations designed for The Conversation